Summer Start International Meetup @ Teahouse 5 & New Monday Meet

Edit June 7th. How it was ? ( New meetup on Monday 11th @ Ciurucuri )

To be part of this wonderful ( repeated ) event join this group :

If you have whatsapp, stay informed here :

Next Meetup :  Monday June 11th, 2018. Link here .

Tudor Seicarescu

PS. And a little personal thing, I’m a real estate agent for large farms and I sell vegetables to hypermarkets. Should I be able to help with anything agriculture, let me know.

Regular Summer Start Meetup
4th edition.
The event is Franco-Anglo-Spanish-Multilingual and is done with the help of Tables Francophones, an organization dedicated to the promotion of French Language as means to propagate love in the world.
We also like to mention the friends and patrons of the Teahouse 5 herself ( my favorite beer garden )
This is a networking event and it’s very informal – do not bring ties!
Bring good mood and be nice to the others. It’s not about aggresively selling your products to the others; more about understanding how one can help, in a nice manner.
Teahouse 5
Strada Olimpului 13, Bucuresti
June 6th 2018
7 pm

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