Update July 5th, 2018

As I got no response from Expedia Romania ( none whatsoever , in 3 weeks) I had to call Expedia US ( these guys know all about customer service! ) and I have got the names and number of  several  managers of Expedia Europe ( they seem to cover the Balkans as a separate region ). Just wrote them and we will see if Expedia is faster now. A case like this would have been impossible in Canada ( nor the US ) , but it seems standards are different in Eastern Europe. In the mean time, I loose revenue. Expedia, hopefully you are fast.



Very bad experience with Expedia, hotels.com and Madalina Postelnicu, the head of Customer Care at Expedia Romania


I am still in awe and waiting for a response. I’m a partner to them ( meaning my bnb supplies the product they want – hotel rooms ).  In fact, I was a partner to them until oine week ago…and due to unilateral termination of contract from them, this is history.

Their treatment is bad and their attitude is unprofessional.

It all refers to them not charging the credit card of a customer they provided, nor passing the credit card details, nor referring the problem to a supervisor. 

They will try to make you feel uncomfortable for not clicking THAT option, for not clicking another option or by simply suggesting you what you should have done. In any way, or in any lenght of conversation, they will not refer the problem to a supervisor.  

Actually, the supervisors will refuse to talk to you ( I overheard them in the call-center ).

Customer service, respect, good attitude with Expedia, Hotels.com, Hotels.it or Madalina Postelnicu ( Market Associate Eastern Europe, Expedia Group ) , the only one from whom I was able to get an email and a name ? Not a response, do not actually expect a response from Madalina, you will not get it.

Hopefully someone from Expedia will read this ( sooner or later ) and will want to respond to complaints no :  61639327 , 62446305 62851939 , 62674179

The text of the ( unresponded ) email here :

This is to acknowledge that your request/suggestion on ‘Call center experience’ with comments ‘Itinerary Number: complaints no : 61639327 , 62446305 62851939 , 62674179, Message: Dear Expedia, I am one of your partners, meaning a hotel in Buzau, Romania and I am writing to complain about the behaviour of your Romanian customer service treating partners. Especially Vlad and Madalina Postelnicu. Madalina Postelnicu terminated my contract with you. This is after I have badly treated by your employees Gergana ( I believe she is Expedia Bulgaria ), Vlad ( Expedia Romania ) and Madalina Postelnicu. All I have asked these people is to speak to a manager. Please refer this email to the competent supervisor, and NOT to Madalina Postelnicu. ‘ is received by www.hotels.com.

Update 19th of March , 2020

As we had no response from Expedia’s escalation list we are condidering to sue those envolved. We consider Madalina Postelnicu to be the one who is responsible for loss of profit. And we would to remind everyone that we provided the service. This is what happens when one works with Expedia and employees like Madalina Postelnicu.