Do not use Expedia. Never. You will pay dearly



Expedia East Europe will treat you like garbage. Here is proof.

Do not offer your services to Expedia as a hotel. Never.  They will not help, they will treat you bad and they will close your account. It looks like using them as a client is the same.

I had to call Expedia US to complain ( long international call )  and I got an escalation list like this: ( Alexandru Ciuban ) – Aneta Lerch and some phone numbers. I do not remember Kleiner’s first name ( it was over one month ago ) although I called numerous times.

Neither Kleiner ( which is like the big boss ), nor Lerch ( which was mentioned initially on top of the escalation list ), nor Ciuban are never returning their calls, nor their emails.

I contacted all of them initially of July 6th, and on August 18th I have no response from them. NO RESPONSE. This is proof they read the emails.

This is the text of the initial email. Expedia, will you kindly respond ? 

Wants response: Yes
Itinerary Number:  complaints no : 61639327 , 62446305  62851939 ,  62674179, 
Message: Dear Expedia, 
I am one of your partners, meaning a hotel in Buzau, Romania and I am writing to complain about the behaviour of your Romanian customer service treating partners. Especially Vlad and Madalina Postelnicu. Madalina Postelnicu terminated my contract with you. This is after I have badly treated by your employees Gergana ( I believe she is Expedia Bulgaria ), Vlad ( Expedia Romania ) and Madalina Postelonicu. All I have asked these people is to speak to a manager. Please refer this email to the competent supervisor, and NOT to Madalina Postelnicu.     
This message was submitted on site via the "Email Us" page found at

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