I want to say a big, huge, warm thank you to all those who came yesterday at the hospital meetup at Balaceanca.
We all put 50 ron and were able to buy 2 caddys of croissants, biscuits and juice for each of the 183 guests of the asylum.

Laurentiu got a new keyboard from Damian Galvin ( thank you , Damian, that was a huge one ) . I mean a huge, large, 1 m long electronic orgue and we will arrange a teacher to teach them how to play.
I will visit the hospital in a few days with a few footballs from Decathlon.. They will love them, now that the spring has arrived . If someone wants to join, feel free to let me now The fb event is here :
An original idea by Damian Galvin where Tudor Seicarescu helps a lot . It wouldn’t be possible without the good will of all of you.
Clothes, old shoes ( I said old, not new ones ) and especially old plush toys of any kind will be appreciated.
I am also looking for an old embroidery machine for the hospital ( they will mark the names of the patients on the clothes ). What happens is that clothes are getting lost in a clothes paradise after being washed, and sometimes they do not come back to the original owner. A new one ( embroidery machine ) is about 1000 euros; I am wondering if anyone just has an old one in a garage and it would like to donate it to the hospital – the simplest machine possible will make them very happy.
Thank you all,

Tudor Seicarescu

Please remember that we are all volunteers on this project. There is no pressure of any kind, no rush. It is a humbling experience which will help you feel better.