My worst experience was with expedia and their employees , ( who read my email 30 minutes after it was sen but never responded, same with, ( seems like nkleiner is some big shot with expedia, they appear in TV commercials and conferences , but they do no work !!!! , ( same attitude ). And worst of them all, Madalina Postelnicu
Madalina Postelnicu . Just don’t do business with them. If you meet them, turn your back. You will save yourself lots and lots of trouble. If they want a job with you, the secure way to go bankrupt is to employ one of them. I believe Expedia to be a decent company ( perhaps in the US, the US number has US employees , they were nice and decent and polite ). But the Kleiners and the Postelnicu ? Reminds me why my parents left communist Romania to never come back .