We know it sounds incredible ( and if someone else would have told us this, I would have laughed as crazy ).

Bulgarian Police blocking car in Bulgarian supermarket. The result was a fine for illegal parking . In the supermarket's parking.  Friday, August 2nd, 2019 at 15.50

We were going out of the supermarket in Konstantin and Elena ( Bulgaria ) and we were heading to our car…to find out the police car blocking us ( well, in the picture they were blocking the other poor guy ).

The result of 15 minutes ” negotiations” was a fine. What we did not understood is why the fine was in the name of the owner of the car and not on our name ? ( We presented all due documents, driver’s license etc ). And why were they waiting for us instead of just leaving the fine ?

Police said they are ” komandirovka ” ( detached ) , one of them is from Vratsa, one of them is from Veliko Tarnovo and they do not care if we go to court against them.

Police fine in Bulgaria for illegal parking in the parking of the supermarket.

This is how they were fining the others :

Of course , we wrote to our embassies ( Romanian and Canadian ). We found out that to report corruption the complaint has to be in Bulgarian and must contain all identification data of the complainer.

Contents of the complain for next article.