What is a meetup ? It’s a great way to meet new people, expats from all corners of this world and share experiences, collaborate on bussines initiatives, consult with one and other, or build up a social group in a foreign country. However, it is mainly about socializing, and having a good time. Join us at our regular events and find out for yourself!

Next one is on Oct. 24th at Ciurucuri ( Third Thursday of the Month is at Ciurucuri ).

Best regards,
Tudor Seicarescu, Oisin McMorna , Elena Medvedeva , Octavia Niekoop Sorin Ghinescu and the team

( Little sponsoring message : For large tracts of AgriLand, email partners@agroevolution.com or whatsapp Tudor at 0040 722 789 938 )

Whatsapp group for fast announcements : ask for details at the meetup.

We look for organizers. You are to meet and greet the guests, talk to them and stay until 11 pm when the meet closes. This is a voluntary position.