Good morning all,

A lot of cool and comprehensive information  from your kind organizer will follow. Please read all. 5 min to read.

a ) There is no regular meetup this Wednesday, but there will be one on Thursday , Nov 21st , 7pm, La Ciurucuri Second Wednesday and Third Thursday of the month. ). There is no music and dancing at my meetups because we are gathering to talk and make friends ( and drink ). We are inviting from time to time singers, though. And we are dancing. And we can change the venue after the meet.

b ) The Beaujolais Nouveau cocktail that you might have heard of will happen at Novotel on Nov 22nd , 8 pm and you can get tickets online. There will be wine ( Beaujolais Nouveau ) , cheese,  charcuterie , music ( 3 different players ) . Price is 30 ron .  Yes, it was heavily subsidised by a kind sponsor, thank you IAE Interim. Tickets are scarce. It is organized by UFE Roumanie ( the NGO of the French expatriates ) where the undersigned is a Secretary General.

c) The mental hospital visit will finally happen on December 8th. We are all putting 60 ron and buy some sweets and some chocolates for the patients ( about 180 patients of them ). Everybody is invited to bring old clothes, shoes, toys, balls, balloons etc. They are very happy to receive them. There is a moment when we might give back a little , perhaps. We will get cars for those who need a ride. And there will be a networking meetup afterwards. Details and pics here. The original idea comes from Damian Galvin, who was kind enough to put me into this.

d) I will launch in 2020 the Bucharest Meetup card, which will be a discount card @ various stores & businesses. It is a long forgotten idea, and now I should put it in practice.  If you run a business feel free to offer a rebate, should you want to. Text/whatsapp Tudor at +40 722 789 938 to talk. Do not call.

e ) I’m a real estate agent for agricultural farms ( the land, the equipment, the know-how etc ) and I sell vegetables to hypermarkets ( 20 to/day in the summer ). I sell businesses in Bucharest and arround ( restaurants, shops , garages, small workshops, small factories etc ) but I do not do residential unless I consider it a great deal. My linkedin is here and my whatsapp is +40 722 789 938. Do not call. The business address is

f) Communication

– Whatsapp group for fast announcements  :

– Whatsapp group Free Speech ( free means free )  :

– The Bucharest Meetup group on facebook is here ( please join )

– There is a webpage at .  You can kindly follow it if you like. It is important for me.

Thank you all,

Tudor Seicarescu

Beaujolais Nouveau 2019 - UFE Roumanie