I am responding to some questions received via various means of contact :

  • State of alert has been declared in Romania starting March 16th ( Mr. Marcel Vela, Ministry of Interior here ( Romanian ) : https://www.facebook.com/pnl.ro/videos/897402780712942/
  • Please do not spread panic
  • Please limit going out
  • Sustain authorities
  • The situation is under control ( we closed air lines with Italy, we closed schools , we limited gatherings )
  • A few things which are approved already:
  • Quarantined or self-quarantined people – please announce your repairmen, handymen, gas people, cable guys etc.
  • Close contact is defined as : person living in the same house with someone infected; person which had close contact with someone infected ; someone which had contact with personal belongings of someone infected etc.
  • All those coming from countries with more than 500 cases of Covid should self-quarantine.
  • Suspension until 31st of March of flea markets and car markets

Official info Romanian : https://www.mai.gov.ro/category/comunicate-de-presa/

If you need to go to a government office better call first. Ask questions on the group Bucharest Meetup , we strive to help. Whatsapp emergency group : shorturl.at/jwARV .

I will start the meetups as soon as the emergency passes.

If immediate danger call 112.