Here’s the link for this week’s live game at 8pm Bucharest/7pm Warsaw on Sunday.

We’ll be joined by other members of private expat groups in Warsaw and Bucharest.

The questions are family-friendly and appropriate for ages 12+ with parental/guardian permission.

Hope you can make it!😊

Do you know your Slovakia from your Slovenia from your souvlaki?

Since we still can’t gather in groups for social events, let’s have a little online fun and see who’s the trivia king or queen!

You’ll have 5 questions for each of the following categories: geography, history, popular culture, arts & humanities, current events, and two rounds of general knowledge — 35 total.

You’ll have 25 seconds to choose the right answer from 4 options for each question.

Only ONE answer is correct.

You get extra points for responding correctly as quickly as possible.

The correct answer will be revealed after everyone has responded: leader boards will be automatically updated in real time.

The game is limited to the first 50 players who log in and are ready to go at 8pm/7pm.

The game will start automatically at 8:05pm/7:05pm.

No app is required, and the game is free to play: you can participate using any phone, tablet, or computer!

We don’t have any prizes to offer except bragging rights!😊🏆🙌

Good luck!

Org : C. Spurlock