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The property consists of the main house, the “small” garage house, the annex, the inner courtyard, the orchard. The usable area has 136.09 sqm, of which the built area is 148.55 sqm.

The total land area is 3616 sqm.

MAIN HOUSE- (P) = 64.26sqm, (GF + E) = 128.52sqm is composed of ground floor and first floor, on the structure of a house from 1937 consolidated with concrete foundation, thermal insulation, double glazed windows, including the gallery in oak, armored doors, roof with zinc tile. It has thermal heating with wood, and the boiler has a capacity of 120 liters.

Ground floor: Kitchen, fully equipped bathroom, equipped; pantry; basement; central heating box

Floor: Bedroom, living room, fully equipped bathroom. The furniture is made to order, made of oak wood. The rooms are spacious, bright, and in the living room extension there is an office / library space. As a specific element, restored and in good working order, a stove with tiles was kept, identical to those from Cula Greceanu located in the immediate vicinity. The interior staircase is made of chestnut wood on the metal structure. The interior design, with a minimalist touch, makes possible the immediate use, but also possible modifications that are easily achievable, at the disposal of the new owner.


CASA «MICA» has a built area of ​​52.58 sqm, usable area of ​​44.05 sqm; it is composed of two rooms, with passage to the orchard. It has a concrete foundation, brick and concrete walls, thermal insulation, double glazed windows, anti-burglary, armored doors, upper terrace. There is the possibility of superimposing.


TERRACE- made of wood, with an area of ​​53 sqm

GARAGE- built area of ​​19.25 sqm, usable area of ​​15.75 sqm, roof with zinc tile, and additional storage space.

Exterior lighting of buildings and courtyard – with projectors.

Domestic water drainage – ecological septic tank; for rainwater – underground sewerage around the house.

LAND-3500 sqm, fenced; the supporting walls of the interior and exterior road (to the street) are made of reinforced concrete or buttresses.

In the INTERIOR COURT there is a fountain that ensures full autonomy in terms of water supply. The water is drinkable, the fountain has a depth of 13 meters; submersible pump, concrete enclosure next to: electronic pressure and flow regulator.

LIVADA- both in front and behind the house, rejuvenated and very well maintained, planted with apples, plums, pears, walnuts, cherries, cherries. It also adds vines, on metal support, arable land and a space for aromatic plants.

The property is located in a very beautiful area, with great tourist potential – in the immediate vicinity there are many tourist attractions, monasteries (including the one from Hurezi, included in the UNESCO patrimony), the Culelor de la Maldaresti complex, spas or mountain resorts (Ranca, on the Transalpina route), Bistritei Gorges, Buila-Vanturarita Reservation. Therefore, there is the possibility to be used as a home, holiday home or included in the agro-tourist circuit. It is located 300 meters away from the main road and 5 km from the town of Horezu. Access is easy, good quality neighbors. The built constructions, but also the whole property emphasize the natural setting, but also the elements of contemporary architecture.