Hello all,

In response to demands to be added to the main whatsapp group :

The whatsapp group is now full. That’s it, we are prey to our own popularity. I will gladly add you to the group once someone goes out, once I have met you during a meet or when someone vouches for you. I want a picture with that someone and the member, and a short intro made by the member.

There is hope, though. We have a second whatsapp group here : https://chat.whatsapp.com/7aUAWVs2OlBHHUPMMvHqpl , and we also have 2 Telegram groups ( Telegram is a sort of whatsapp ) : t.me/expatbucharest and t.me/bucarestfrancais ( for Francophiles and their friends ).

Meets are happening every second Wednesday of the month since October 2010 and we do not intend to change this. There are extraordinary meets from time to time, as you probably noticed. Talk to me if you want to make an extraordinary meet. I want to offer special thanks to Z.Y. who wanted to steal from me the ( now defunct ) group Exploring Little Paris, which made us launch Rencontres Francophones a Bucarest, the first Francophone networking group in Bucarest. In time, RFB became international and we launched an English version, while keeping Francophone meetings. Here’s a picture from those wonderful times.

There is a Saturday Night Fever meetup which is run by the gentle Kurt Riemer. Details will be added by Kurt on both groups. The whatsapp group is here : https://chat.whatsapp.com/7aUAWVs2OlBHHUPMMvHqpl

The sister meetup in French is herehttps://www.meetup.com/Rencontres-Francophones-a-Bucarest/

Happy Birthday to our friend Mariana Zarafu and Happy Birthday to our friend Kurt Riemer!

Best regards,Tudor Seicarescu , your friend