Regular meetup May19th 2021.

Location : El Torito, Iancu Capitanu 30, Bucuresti.

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Contact Tudor 0722789938 ( SMS ) or

Respecting Covid rules, physical distancing , do not drink from someone else’s glass etc. Please.

Please text Tudor at 0040 722 789 938 if shy or you have questions. And JUST text.

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Of course we will respect COVID rules, maintain distance , do not drink from somebody else’s glass, wash hands , leave at 9 pm and so on. What was initially a networking meet in French became Bucharest’s landmark in terms of relaxed networking. I’m inviting you to celebrate with us.

Tudor Seicarescu

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The rules

The event is open to everyone.Please give us your business card when you check in at registration. WE DO NOT provide your information to others and never sell/share our attendee’s list. If you don’t have one, that’s ok.The success of this event is the result of people “Playing It Forward”. You may have see/heard of the movie “Pay It Forward”. If you like what you’ve seen and experienced here…….please be sure to tell your friends and colleagues and invite them as well. In other words…..”Play It Forward”.No literature or promotional materials on tables. We have no problem with you handing materials to people you speak with, but please don’t leave it on tables or on the bar.SuggestionsPlease Respect Everyone & Don’t Blow Someone Totally Off. You never know who the person you are talking to knows. They don’t have to be a good prospect to be a good connection. Their friend, neighbor or family member could be the person you would really love to do business with and you want to make sure you don’t miss that opportunity. That doesn’t mean you need to spend 30 minutes speaking with someone you don’t wish to know better. Hone your networking skills to meet and be gracious to as many people as possible.You should purchase at least a drink at the bar. The venue is generous enough not to charge for the space. You should be courteous enough to give them some business.Please be generous to your hardworking Bartenders, Servers and Valets. They are working hard to make sure you have a good evening. Show them your appreciation.