Financial Technology , helping the meetup and Tudor’s profile

I have been asked several times where is my interest in organizing the meetups ( sometimes bi-weekly ) since 2010. and what is my profile. Here’s the response :

  • I get to meet people who are well travelled and smart when I do the meets
  • Ideas are floating arround, many of these smart people have more ideas than they can apply, and they happily passed them to me.
  • Initially when I attended someone else’s meetup I found a job. Than a second job, and the contract between the jobs.
  • I started a French Meetup in 2010 and we are still running it ( now as a Secretary General for the UFE, the distinguished Union of French Abroad )
  • I get to tell people about my main occupation, which is being a RE agent for large agricultural farms. I cover everything at maximum 200 kms from Bucharest, Ruse ( Bulgaria ) and Chisinau in the Republic of Moldova. I do vegetable farms and animal farms of up to 1000 ha.
  • I also do residential in Bucharest – it is mainly villas or large apartments in the North of Bucharest, on a very select basis.
  • I am a silent investor in various small businesses , of which the most known is a canteen in Buzau, Romania. We do menus, delivery in Buzau, menus for wakes and marriages and any gig we might find which is food-related.
  • Background is mechanical engineering ( I studied in Uni in French and did an MBA in Bucharest and Toulouse ) but I have never worked as an Engineer. They just selected me to be an Assistant Manager and I carried the briefcase for a very smart gentleman who taught me a lot about doing business in style.
  • I had a VoIP company in Canada and an olive oil import business ( also in Canada, selling to NY State )
  • Interested in FinTech, Organic Food ( conventional also ) , Agriculture ( inherited some land in Ronmania ) , anything industrial
  • Started a Technology Transfer Office in cooperation with some brilliant minds from IFA ( Atomic Physics Institute ) from Magurele, Romania . Patents are now public for telemanagement of City Lights and a method to reduce sulphur at the extraction point from raw petrol.
  • The linkedin profile is here : and the facebook profile is here :

If you want to help the meetup directly ( yes, does charge me )